Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funny Things Said By Kai

When we were arguing about how quickly she should get into her carseat (because she was trying to do some sort of a trick on her carseat before sitting down), Kai said: "How 'bout this... I will stand on my carseat and THEN I will sit down."

How about this? Just get in the carseat.

But, really, I couldn't stop cracking up, so she won.


As we were driving home, I mentioned needing to finish our taxes to Eric and Kai shouted from the backseat: "TAXES! That's my favorite game!"


Eric grabbed his guitar when we got home and started dancing around while singing. He asked Kai if she wanted to dance and she looked down and then said, "I can't! I'm not wearing a dress!" (Lately Kai ONLY wants to wear dresses and tights. In part, because she loves to dance and, apparently, believes that one can only dance if one is in a dress. We tried to dissuade her of that notion, but -- as per usual -- she didn't believe us.)

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