Thursday, April 7, 2011

3rd Year Check-Up

Kai had her three year check up today - which was fairly uneventful. She is at about the 15th percentile for combined height/weight for her age... small but mighty, just like she's been since day 1.

Kai busied herself with some coloring and "dot to doting" (aka tracing) her name as we chatted with the doctor. The doc was quite impressed with Kai's tracing and coloring. Kai is quite intense with her coloring these days. She fills the ENTIRE page with colors, blending colors together, and making sure there isn't an untouched spot left on the page. Several people have noted to us that this is a bit unusual for someone her age -- as most nearly 3 year olds prefer to draw a few lines and squiggles and call it good. Not Kai. She does not like to be interrupted while she is working on her creations and is very deliberate about the whole thing.

Her doctor noted that she is quite "collected", "focused", and "mature" for her age. I am not really sure exactly what her assessment is based on -- but, I agree with her. So funny when others pick up on the same things that I notice... particularly people that don't interact with Kai a lot.

But, she is right. Kai is very self-possessed, focused, intense and also somewhat mature (except when we go out to dinner with Ava and her mother and she and Ava spend the meal screeching at the top of their lungs, dunking napkins in water, and making a general nuisance of themselves!).

An example of late -- I got home from an overnight trip to LA on Tuesday and, as is characteristic of Kai lately when I come home from a trip, she hid behind Eric's legs and exclaimed, "I'm not ready to talk to you yet." I find this proclamation painful, but also very honest and appreciate her ability to tell me what she is feeling. After about 5 minutes, she generally comes over and stretches out her arms to be picked up and I gave her big hugs and kisses and tell her I missed her. That evening, when I put her to bed, she turned to me and said, "I wasn't ready to play with you when you came home." "I know." I replied. "It's OK."

She stammered a bit and then said, "It's because... I... I... I wasn't ready to play with you." I told her how hard it is for me to be away from her and how much I miss her when I go. And she replied, "I miss you!! But then... I wasn't ready to play." It was interesting to listen to her grapple with her emotions and try to put words to them. I know what she is trying to communicate -- that feeling of missing someone but being simultaneously angry when they finally return for leaving in the first place. It's a very normal feeling and normal reaction -- but I find her ability to try to communicate through these feelings extraordinary.

Small but mighty. That's our Kai.

Funny Things Said By Kai

When we were arguing about how quickly she should get into her carseat (because she was trying to do some sort of a trick on her carseat before sitting down), Kai said: "How 'bout this... I will stand on my carseat and THEN I will sit down."

How about this? Just get in the carseat.

But, really, I couldn't stop cracking up, so she won.


As we were driving home, I mentioned needing to finish our taxes to Eric and Kai shouted from the backseat: "TAXES! That's my favorite game!"


Eric grabbed his guitar when we got home and started dancing around while singing. He asked Kai if she wanted to dance and she looked down and then said, "I can't! I'm not wearing a dress!" (Lately Kai ONLY wants to wear dresses and tights. In part, because she loves to dance and, apparently, believes that one can only dance if one is in a dress. We tried to dissuade her of that notion, but -- as per usual -- she didn't believe us.)