Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I Want to Remember

I wish I had a computer with me at all times these days so I could write down the gazillion funny things Kai says each day. Obviously, that isn't happening (and would probably make the moments less amusing and enjoyable) -- so, here are a few anecdotes from the last couple of weeks that I can still remember!


Recently, we were at Ava's house (Kai's best friend from daycare). Ava was having a moment -- not wanting to say "thank you" to Kailey when Kai handed over a marker. Ava's mom was insisting and had taken away the marker until Ava could tell Kai "thank you." I have been in this place with Kailey. Many, many times. Over the holidays, Kai went three hours without the new gifts she had opened from Eric's mom before she finally relented and muttered "thank you" under her breath before snatching the new bath toy and running away. And, the other day, Kai (somewhat accidentally) kicked me and a two hour battled ensued to get her to say she was sorry. She was sobbing in her bedroom, somewhat remorse but clearly not willing to relent. We acted out her stuffed animals saying sorry. We talked about why it was important to apologize. Finally, FINALLY, she whispered, "I'm sorry" in my ear. I gave her a huge hug and told her I was proud of her for apologizing, to which she replied, "I'm NOT saying it again."

So, we've been there.

While Ava was having her meltdown, Kai was ignoring her and playing with the pretend kitchen, although, she kept glancing at Ava, clearly concerned about the situation. After about 30 minutes, Kai walked slowly over to Ava, shooting sideways glances at the four of us adults who were sitting around the table. Kai got up to Ava, looked at us again, and then leaned in reallllyyy close to Ava and hissed in her ear, "JUST SAY IT." She paused a moment while we all tried hard not to completely crack up. Ava looked up at Kailey and Kai whispered again, "Just SAY it!" It was so conspiratorial -- Kai was really trying to show Ava the way out of her bind. I guess that's what best friends are for!


Kailey was singing songs in her room the other day and suddenly grabbed her little guitar that I bought her last summer to play me a song. As soon as she picked it up, she said, "Nonny broke it. But, it's OK." And, indeed, Nonny had broken it -- like 8 months ago when she was watching Kailey. And this is a toy she plays with somewhat infrequently. If I had a memory like that, I wouldn't need to tote a computer around with me to keep track of all Kai's stories!


Kai gets to have her first sleepover this week at Penny's house (while Eric and I are away for a night in Los Angeles). We've told Kailey about it and she is VERY excited. Every day when she wakes up she asks, "Am I going to sleep at PENNY'S house today?" This morning at breakfast she asked again and then said, "when we are done eating, can we got to Penny's house?" I told her no and explained that the sleepover was still a few days away. "Penny's house is closed today?" she clarified. Well, sure.. I suppose that's one way to put it.


Kai is now a movie aficionado. She has seen each of the Toy Story movies multiple times and LOVES them. She sleep talks about Woody, Buzz and Jesse. She plays pretend with a Jesse pez dispenser and a Buzz bank (Eric took the sawzall to it and cut off the bank part). She QUOTES the movies, walking around saying, "There's a snake in my boot!" and cracking up. And she LOVES Jesse's song from Toy Story 2. The other day when I was sick in bed with the stomach flu, she cuddled next to me, rubbing my head, and singing me the song. It was very comforting and adorable. And, once I was feeling better, I asked for a repeat performance so I could get the song on video:


Kai is a total California girl. We've had a VERY wet year and everytime it rains, Kai has to completely suit up -- raincoat, boots, umbrella. If she was a Oregon girl, it'd be gortex and she'd be out the door.

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