Sunday, March 13, 2011


Kai watches a lot of Sesame Street podcasts. They cover different letters of the alphabet and different vocabulary words. One of the podcasts is about the word "goulashes".

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Kai is quite the California girl, and doesn't like to leave the house in the rain unless properly attired. What that has meant is her snow boots (that Ava gave her), a raincoat and an umbrella. But, she's been eyeing the goulashes at Target and shouts out, "there they are, the goulashes!!"

Given that rainy season is nearly over (and that they were not exactly cheap) - I told her we couldn't buy them. But, that's what grandmas are for!! A few days ago, a package arrived from her Nonny with a copy of Toy Story3, a new dress (Kai LOVES dresses these days... so much better for dancing in), and pink and blue goulashes. Kai was smitten. Immediately. She has only worn the goulashes since they arrived, except when we went to gymnastics this morning and we hid them in order to get her to wear her sneakers. When Eric went to pack her suitcase to go to Penny's, Kai threw a fit that Eric would dare even PACK another pair of shoes, even thought he wasn't trying to make her wear them.

She keeps falling down in them because they aren't exactly the easiest things to navigate around in -- but, she's completely undeterred. She just laughs and says, "I stumbled in my big boots!" (stumble is another Sesame Street podcast word).


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