Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doctor, doctor

We've had a month of sickness. Starting with the stomach flu a few weeks back - always fun to be puked on in the middle of the night. Multiple times. The next day Kai started complaining that her neck hurt, which - combined with her fever and general lethargy - made me call the doctor (because my head went straight to meningitis). My tendency towards hypochondria is not really an asset as a parent. Eric is much more level headed. In fact, when I called Eric to tell him we were going to the doctor he said, "her throat probably hurts and she thinks its her neck". Possibly a more reasonable explanation for the neck pain. And, of course, when we got to the doctor, the first thing she said was, "usually when a toddler complains of neck pain it's actually their throat." Ahem. So, anyway - it was her throat. Strep throat, to be precise.

The next day, I was the one up in the middle of the night puking (although, I didn't puke on anyone else... which I thought was quite nice of me). Then, the last three days I've had terrible throat pain and ear pain -- so back to the doctor to see if I had strep.

During all of this, Kai has been incredibly sweet. As I mentioned in the last post, she cuddled with me when I was sick with the stomach flu, singing me songs from Toy Story. And she'd get her doctor's kit out and give me check ups. This morning, she checked me out again - poking her toys into my already sore ears and patting my hand declaring me, "all better!" When we got to the doctor's office, Kai said, "are we going to the doctor?" I told her we were. "For you?" she asked. "Yes, for me." She clarified, "not for me.. just for you." I assured her that she wouldn't be getting a checkup. "I AM a doctor," she announced. I nodded. "But, mama... I'm not a REAL doctor. Just pretend. Okay?" "OK." I replied. She cracks me up -- such a realist, even in her pretend.

Once we got in the doctor, Kai was incredibly concerned as the doctor looked in my ears and at my throat. She kept patting me and saying, "now you all better, mommy?" and then she'd start wringing her hands. The doctor was quite amused at how worried she was. And, Kai has spent the rest of the day giving me multiple hugs and kisses and saying, "I love you, mommy." Such a sweet girl.

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