Friday, February 11, 2011

Video Update

Even though I have not posted lately, I have been managing to whip the camera out on occasion and record some of Kai's latest antics. For quite some time now, Kai has been quite interested in learning to read and write. She loves to "dot to dot" her name (also know as tracing, but she calls it "dot to dotting") and she can spot read several words now. She is working on spelling her name:

She also prefers to read to us these days, rather than having us read to her. Most of the time, she gets pretty close to telling the actual story (she's heard them all enough that she has most of her own books memorized). But, the other day, we were perusing a gift shop at an environmental center, and Kai grabbed a book off the shelf and started "reading" it to us:

Indeed, the grasshopper was quite a little fellow! Actually, I couldn't believe I got this on video -- usually when I get the camera out to record her in action these days, she just starts to make a bunch of faces. I took advantage of that and decided to just record her making faces:

And also got some good still shots:

And, for some reason, she is willing to sing for the camera, just not "read" for the camera (maybe because I still say that she is "reading" and she is feeling slightly mocked?)

Speaking of feeling mocked - last night Kai decided to climb on top of her dresser while we were playing in her bedroom. Once she had gotten to the top, I plucked her back down and told her that she shouldn't climb the dresser. "Why?" she asked... because, you know, we are deep into the "why" phase. "Because you could get hurt... you can't climb furniture." She walked over to me and patted my cheek while whispering in this sing song voice, "I'm being verrryyy careful, mommy. Don't worry. It be OK." And then she spun around and started climbing the dresser again (yes, I intervened)... but, seriously, talk about being condescended to!

Anyway, as I was saying, she does sing for the camera still:

Can you tell I took most of these on the same day? So much for my initial contention that I have managed to carry the camera around with me lately. As in once. Once lately. But, apparently it was a good day for camera carrying!