Thursday, January 27, 2011

Talking About Her Days

Kai is starting to talk quite a bit about her day on our drives home from school. Well, she is talking up a storm in general -- but, until recently, she hasn't shared much with us about her days at school. Now, we get a fuller narrative, which is often very funny (at least to us).

For example, a conversation earlier this week. But first, a little background. Kai has been having some issues with another little boy at school. Apparently he is a bit of a pusher. And Kai likes to push back. Her daycare providers say it is somewhat amusing, because Kai totally gets aggressive right back -- and apparently is very good at getting quite a response out of Diego. Sigh. She sounds a teensy bit like someone I kind-of, sort-of am familiar with... ahem. Anyway, we have been talking to her about how she needs to not push Diego and not fight with him, and that if he is doing something that she doesn't like or if he pushes her, she needs to just ask him to stop and/or walk away. She gets it -- but, is having a hard time putting the concept to practice. So, anyway, given this conflict -- we now get a daily Diego report:

Kai: "I didn't push Diego today."

Me: "That's good!"

Kai: "I threw bark at him."

Me: Sigh.

Yesterday when we picked her up she had all sorts of news:

Kai: "I had pears at the new table."

Me: "There is a new table at school?"

Kai: "Yup."

Me: "Where?"

Kai(exasperated): "At SCHOOL."

Me: "I mean is the table inside or outside?"

Kai: "Outside."

Me: "And you ate pears there?"

Kai: "Yup. And crackers. And blueberries. And water.... I didn't drink orange juice. I like orange juice SOMETIMES. Not today. I had water."

Me: "Oh. I see. No orange juice, huh?"

Kai: "I was sick."

Me: "The orange juice made you sick?"

Kai: "No. Silly, Mama. I was sick. I had to go to the doctor. On the slide."

Me: "Oh -- pretend sick. Who was the doctor?"

Kai: "Juliette... I got a shot. It hurt. I got a band aid"

Me: "Sounds owie. Did you dance at school today?" (because she had worn a dress that day saying she wanted to dance at school).

Kai: "Yup"

Me: "With Ava?"

Kai: "Nope... with Diego, and Gabby, and Ty, and Clara, and Auggie. not Ava."

Me: "Did you push Diego today?"

Kai: "Nope. I danced with Diego."

Me: "That's good. Did you throw bark at him?" (I knew she had)

Kai: "Nope."

Me: "Jacob says you did."

Kai: "Nope."

Me: "Jacob says you threw the bark but then you brushed it back off."

Kai: (silence)

Me: "Did you throw the bark and then brush it off?"

Kai: "Yes. Said sorry. On the slide."

(this was what I had learned -- she had thrown some bark and then Jacob yelled, "Kailey" and she ran over to Diego and brushed him off and said, "I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry!")

Kai: "And then i DANCED with Diego."

Me: "That's good. But, no throwing bark."

Kai: "Okay... I don't want chicken for dinner." (nice redirect).

And so we continue to work on Kai's school conflicts. But, overall, I am just amazed at how much she is telling us about her days. It is so fun to hear about what she is doing... even if some of what she is doing is not exactly what we would hope. This is a vast improvement from telling us only that she "ate noodles" at school.

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