Friday, January 7, 2011

Picture Update

Since I've been so terrible about updating this site for awhile now - I thought I'd do a quick picture update, to tell the story of our last month.

As I've mentioned -- we've embarked on the bathroom remodel. Kai was quite excited about it, as you can see.

Kai really enjoys her new tub (and showed up at school one day after it was in and declared - "My daddy built me a bathtub!"):

We took time out from the bathroom remodel for our annual trek to Timberline. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures this year. But, as I mentioned in the last post, we had a blast. Kai experienced her first "snow roll" followed by a hot tub dive. The twins did a ton of skiing. We all enjoyed being together and we're already plotting our trip for next year!!

After Timberline, we spent time with Eric's mom. Kai had a great time with all her new toys and with the many art projects that Janet had available at her house! Kai's new favorite tool is scissors -- she is determined to master them (and is pretty good at using them. Being the safety-obsessed person that I am, my inclination has been to deny her the practice with scissors that she craves... but, she has proven that she is able to use scissors without completing mauling herself. So, that's good!)

After a few days at Janet's house, we were onto my parents' house. Kai loved my dad's trains. And, we had a nice time with stockings and presents on Christmas morning before Eric had to head back home to continue on the bathroom.

Eric spent the week between Christmas and New Year's moving the toilet and installing the new floor while Kai and I lounged at my parents' house making graham cracker houses, shopping, and playing lots of games -- including teaching Kai how to bowl on Wii.

And now we're back home -- with a working toilet and shower! Woo hoo!

And now, Eric is back to weekend bathroom remodeling and we've all settled back into the working week routine. It was nice to change things up for a bit, though.

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