Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Phone Conversation

Kai and I are at my parents' house this week while Eric is back in Oakland continuing the bathroom remodel (because I will live through a lot of construction, but the idea of being in a house without a toilet was more than I could bear). So, we're calling him on the phone every night to say hello, and Kai seems to have finally gotten the whole concept of the telephone down.

I say "finally" because, since September, I have been traveling nearly every week for work. Most of those trips involve a night away. Sometimes two. When I call to talk to Kai, she'll shout, "HI MAMA" into the phone. But, beyond that, she would not say much and after a minute or two, would start hitting the buttons, forcing me to listen to "beep, beep, beep."

This week, however, she has been different with the phone. Last night, she had this conversation with Eric (of course, I could only hear what she was saying, so all the quotes are Kai talking):




"I got new shoes" (of course, her pronunciation is not that clear... although, I cannot think how to type it to capture what it actually sounded like she said)

"I got new shoes. Brown shoes. From nonny" (hence the repetition, I believe)


"I'm not eating dinner. I threw it on the floor. I got a time out."


"I didn't eat it. I'm not being good."



"Miss you too"

"I love you too, Dada"

And that was actually a fairly accurate description of her day. She had gotten new shoes, and endured about 5 hours of shopping where she was REALLY good (she forgot to tell Eric that part). We fed her right as we were leaving the outlet stores, because it was a long drive home and she was hungry. So, she wasn't that hungry for dinner and she did, indeed, refuse to eat her foot and threw some of it on the floor, resulting in a time out.

We've been "talking of the day" for months now -- meaning, when we put her to bed at night, after we read stories, we "talk about our day". We tell her everything that happened that she was involved in, and tell her what she did that was really good (ie, "you were really good at sharing with Ava today and we heard that you gave her the book you were reading so that she could read it too" OR "you were great at the stores today and waited really patiently while mama tried on clothes"). It sounds cheesy, but Kai LOVES to "talk of the day". She likes hearing about all the things we just did, and she loves the highlights when we tell her what she did that was really special.

But, until this week, she hasn't done much of the recounting herself. It was interesting that she chose to focus on what she didn't do very well while talking with Eric. When we talk of the day, we'll mention time outs or other transgressions among the list of things that happened, but it's not really a focus. Of course, the time out had JUST happened when she talked to Eric, so was probably fresh in her mind.

It is so neat to listen to her talk about herself and the world around her. I must start writing more (and taking more videos) to capture all her new thoughts. Maybe now is a good time to reinstate my weekly interviews (one can hope, but I'm not promising...)