Sunday, November 14, 2010

When Life Hands You Chicken...

Kailey was quite hungry this evening on account of the fact that we forgot to feed her lunch. We flunked the day, clearly. We were busy looking at bathtubs for the remodel project we're embarking on (yes, another remodel. It doesn't end. But, a bathtub will be sooo nice. As will a new paint color in the bathroom. And a new vanity. And a skylight. Anyway, I digress). Anyway, we forgot about lunch, so this evening when I started to cook dinner Kai came up to me and said, "I'm HUNGRY, Mama!" Guilt.

She didn't dwell on her hunger for too long, though. Instead, she proceeded to get out all her plastic bowls, set them up in the bedroom, and grabbed Eric by the pants and said, "Dada!! Come HERE! Tea time!! Have some tea? What kind?" As she offered him a bowl of "mint tea." Keep in mind -- we don't drink tea. Ever. We don't even have any in the house. I don't know where she got this idea of a tea party. Is it the gender? All I know is she played tea/restaurant until we finally had our own meal ready.

I made chicken for dinner. Kailey helped. We whipped up a marinade off my favorite blog that had lime, olive oil, garlic, cumin, cayenne, and honey. It was good. A little tart, a little bit of a kick. We also had seasoned (read - slightly spicy) sweet potato fries and broccolini.

So, given the choice of chicken with a bit of spice, fries with a bit of spice, or broccolini... and keeping in mind that Kai was basically starved... what do you think she ate? Well, the mayonnaise (which was the dipping sauce for the fries), of course. That goes without saying. She's my daughter. But, after the mayo... the broccolini. Lots of it. Because, when life hands you spicy(ish) chicken, you should definitely eat the green stuff. I'm not really complaining. She ate the veggies! But, still, talk about your aversion to spices!

In other funny Kailey stories... earlier in the day, Eric was poking around (literally) in the bathroom with a hacksaw and a drill and other things that put holes in walls. Kailey wasn't really supposed to be in the bathroom, but I was busy trying to do something on the computer and wasn't really keeping that close of tabs on her. I heard her open the bathroom door and yelled after her, "Kailey... get out of there. Come here." No answer. I heard Eric say, "what are you doing, Kailey?" No answer. I said again, "Kai... now. Come here. Now." Kailey, in her very best imitation of me, said, "I'm busy watching daddy." She even managed to get her voice to go up at the "busy" with that note of irritation that I use when I have explained to her what i am doing a zillion times and she asks, again, "doing, mama?" I tried not to laugh while shouting back, "Kailey, no. Not watching Daddy. Come here." Kailey replied, again in a spot on imitation of me, "In a minute." I think I say, "in a minute" to Kailey a dozen times a day, so she definitely has heard it enough to imitate it. But, still, it was a bit unnerving how MUCH she sounded like me. Slightly annoyed. Trying her patience. Clearly not planning on moving any time in the next minute or two. The kid is good. We're in trouble.

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