Monday, November 29, 2010


We're deep into the bathroom remodel. Finally! Didn't I say last year at this time that we were going to be doing the bathroom? Well, we didn't. Mostly because I kept resisting. I just was not ready to live in a construction zone again. That and we decided to focus on the decks instead because we thought it would be nice to have more outdoor space to play. But, the time has come. We have officially started the bathroom project -- meaning the walls are down. There is no turning back.

I'll post pictures one of these days, but it's like a mini version of the kitchen remodel. I say mini because, as you may recall, the kitchen project really took over the whole house. It was a kitchen/bedroom remodel and there wasn't really anywhere you could be in the house without being in the middle of construction debris. That's not true this time. Kai's room has been completely overtaken with the construction tools, but that leaves our bedroom, the living room and the kitchen that are not really impacted by the remodeling project.

Kailey is quite interested in the construction work. She likes to hang out in the bathroom and "watch daddy" or, even better, she'll tell me that she's "busy HELPING daddy." Yeah, right. What she really means is that she is getting into things that she shouldn't be getting into. Like razors. Yes, razors. She cut her finger on a razor that we didn't put away. It bled. A lot. It's better now, but it was quite an owie for a few days.

Yesterday morning she woke up and was examining Eric's hands which are covered in owies and bandaids and she declared, "OHHHHHH... OWIE dada!!... Did you touch a razor?" It was hysterical.

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