Friday, November 12, 2010

Kailey's Job

Yesterday, Kai and I dropped Eric off at the train and were driving back home having this conversation:

Kai: Kailey on train

Me: Later. We have to eat first. Daddy went to work and we'll go on the train later.

Kai: Kailey work.

Me: Oh really? What is your job?

Kai: Ummmmm.... ummmmmm... ummmmmmm.... COOKING!

Me: You're a cook? Where do you cook?

Kai: (I was watching her in the rear view mirror and could see her scrunch up her face - which would have been an eye roll if she were just a bit older and she yelled) WORK

Duh. She cooks at work. OF course.

Me: what do you cook?

Kai: Noodles!

(of course. This is all Kai wants to eat lately. Noodles. She asks for noodles at every meal. Luckily, she isn't really that insistent and still is pretty good at eating at least some of most of the things we put in front of her. But, man, she can really pack away the noodles).

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