Friday, November 12, 2010

Capturing Two and a Half

So, I haven't been writing many updates lately. This is partly due to a lack of time. My job has gotten a bit insane and has me traveling nearly every week and trying to squeeze in my actual work (every meeting results in an additional to do list, but the number of meetings keeps me from ever getting to said to do list... it's a vicious cycle). And part of it is because I used to write during Kai's naps on my days with Kailey (especially the weekends) and now Kai doesn't really nap on her days with us. She still naps at school, which is infinitely annoying for us because it means she stays up until 9:30 or 10 at night, which is the other time I used to write (post bedtime).

But, none of that is really why I have posted so much less frequently. There is just too much to say and not enough ways to say it. Kai has hit that age where she is pure fun. She can carry on a conversation that has us cracking up half the time. She is full of cuddles and hugs and kisses. She now likes to give us "massages", demanding that we put our "head down" and then she squeezes our shoulders for about a second and yells, "head up! all done!"

She is so excited to show us her art projects when we pick her up from school and lately has been doing a lot of drawing of lines. She'll fill up a paper with a bunch of lines, rather than the swirls and circles of her previous efforts. The other night, after she had filled a page with her lines, Eric asked her "what did you draw?" and Kailey looked at him as though it were obvious and said, "LETTERS!" Kailey loves letters and now that she knows her letters she is determined to learn how to write them. She gets that a lot of letters are a series of lines, but can't quite figure out how to connect them up. But, in usual Kai-style, she is going to keep at it until she gets it right.

She's decided she likes "nastics" more than soccer, even though she twisted her knee last week when she dropped from the trapeze into the foam pit. It was terrifying, but she seems to be fully recovered and spent many evenings reenacting the injury with her sock monkey, who would go "upside down" and then fall and "need ice" for his knee.

Our days our little moments like these, that are so hard to capture. And yet, I wish I was better at remembering them all and writing them all down because I know I won't remember these little conversations for very long. In many ways I wish I could just bottle two-and-a-half. Instead, I'm barely capturing it -- but, I am enjoying it. Immensely.

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