Friday, October 1, 2010


Lately, Kailey and I have been hiking to the playground. She rides in the backpack and we go the long way round. And as we hike along, we sing ABCs, "twinkle, twinkle" and we talk. It is really fun - and as Kai's observations and communication skills continue to develop, the walks get even more fun. Unfortunately, since the days are getting shorter, we are only really able to do our walks on the Fridays I am home with Kai or on the weekends.

Anyway, one evening, about 2 weeks ago, we saw a couple of boys playing with a ball outside their house. Tonight, when we passed that same house and Kailey said, "BOYS playing... nee" (she still says "nee" for "there). It's so funny that she remembers that. But, at the time, she REALLY wanted to stop and play with the boys. After all, they had a BALL and she still really loves playing ball.

We walked further along and saw some kids in a wagon. I asked Kailey if she liked the wagon and she said, "Yes... Kailey's wagon broken." "What? You have a wagon?" I responded. "Yes... Volkswagen. Broken. New One! With Ava. Get IN."

Let me translate: Our volkswagen is broken. It broke at daycare about a week ago. Won't start. We got it home, but it is now just sitting out front. The weekend before it went completely kaput, we went to the Volkswagen dealer (we knew the car was about to go, so we decided to start researching our options). We test drove a car and then found ourselves in negotiations to buy the car (which we didn't do). When we went into the dealership, Ava (from daycare) and her parents were there, buying a car. Ava and Kai had a BLAST jumping in and out of the cars and pretending to drive.

So, when Kai saw the wagon on the street, she related it to the word "Volkswagen" and then recalled our recent adventures with the volkswagen... especially the fun of car shopping. Hence, the "New One! With Ava! Get IN."

Then we got to the playground, which is the same park where we had her first birthday party. It is adjacent to the school, and we entered from the schoolyard, which has it's own playground that is behind a chain link fence that is usually locked (at least during the days and times that we are passing through). Kai always wants to go to the locked playground, and we always tell her it isn't open, but that there is another playground next door just as good. Well, today, the gate was open, and Kai immediately started shouting, "MAMA IT'S OPPPENNNNNN!!"

On the way home, Kai said, "Ava Happy Day Day coming." Ava's birthday party is this weekend, and we're going to it, although, it always amazes me when Kailey remembers these sorts of things. I agreed and asked Kai what we should get Ava for a present. "Candles?" Kailey replied. I told her we needed something other than candles but she insisted, "Ava Happy Day Day... CANDLES. And SINGING. Happy Day Day Ava... Happy Day Day Ava." Kailey broke out in song. I told Kai that Ava probably didn't really want us all singing to her (not really her thing), but Kai went on singing.

It was an amusing walk.

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