Saturday, October 16, 2010


Given that Kai has literally been climbing walls since before she could walk, we've spent a good bit of time looking for a good gymnastics class for her. We have tried three, and all of them were OK. Nothing great. She liked them, but she was also frustrated by them. The real problem being that they didn't really let the toddlers do that much. They got to run around, which Kailey loves, but they didn't get to go on the beam, or the trampolines, or any of the really fun stuff.

Finally, we've found a class that suits Kai. She can jump in the foam pit and on the trampolines. They let her on the beam and the climbing equipment. She still gets to run around and do circle time. And, she has a coach she ADORES (one might call it her first little crush). Whenever Coach Jordan sits down to explain something to the kids, Kai sits riiigghhhttt next to him. And during circle time, she sits next to him and looks at us and tells us to "move". And, with the help of Coach Jordan, Kai is now doing the circuits that involve her going upside down (an assisted back bend), which really freaked Kai out the first couple of classes, but now she is a pro.

These videos don't really do the class justice (because they don't capture Kai doing any of the really fun stuff), but they do show what an awesome time she has in this class. And they're super cute.

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Janet said...

Awww. What a cutie-pie. Love her deep voice.