Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conversations in the Car

This morning, in the car:

Kailey: Halloween is coming!

[we have no idea how Kailey knows all about Halloween. Must be from school. She has been announcing the upcoming event for a few days now. She seems to know that it is associated with dressing up. The other day while we were on a hike we asked her what she was going to be and she responded, "cat. Black cat." However, since that walk, we went to Old Navy and she saw a monkey costume and now she is going to be a monkey, I am going to be the cat, and Eric is going to be a doggy. She has been insisting on these costumes the last few days.]

Eric: What is Halloween, Kai?

Kailey: Ummmmmm.... moon?

[I am guessing there is a halloween book at her school that has a moon, hence the association]

Angie: Not really....

Kailey (insisting): Halloween ON the moon.

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