Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For months now, Kai has been singing, "A B C". As in, "A B C... A B C... A B C... next A B C." She knows her letters. She has for some time. She can name and identify all letters and put them into her alphabet puzzle (in any order - just hand her a letter, she knows where it goes) in record time. But, that song? We never got past C.

I think she's been practicing in her head for months, though. Because, this week, she broke out the full song. Not just A B C ... D. No, that's not her style. She didn't add one letter. She added about 20 letters (yes, I know 20 plus 3 is not 26. I also know there are 26 letters in the alphabet. But, Kai selectively added about 20 letters, choosing to omit the E, R and to sort of stringing together LMNO into twoish letters, as most kids are wont to do).

Anyway, now Kai is all about her ABCs, and I think this song may have replaced "Happy Day Day" as her go to song.

So, without further ado... Kai's latest and greatest song:

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