Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup and Other Sports

We've been watching some world cup lately, and Kai's caregivers at daycare have also had the games on (usually I would not approve of television at daycare, but this is an obvious exception to that rule... the games are only once every four years after all). I think Kai has learned how to be a good sports fan:

And, as a result of all the world cup viewing, she also has taken to dribbling with her feet more!! Kai has been in "soccer" (using that term loosely, since they are really more about bouncy balls, bubbles and singing the ABCs then playing actual soccer... they are toddlers, after all) since she was 17 months old, but has had a hard time with the concept of "feet only". She likes to kick it a few times and then pick it up and try a drop-kick or she starts dribbling using her hands. Indeed, soccer has not been among Kai's favorite sporting activities thus far -- ranking below climbing, tumbling and... her favorite at the moment.... basketball. She LOVES to play basketball, and practices dribbling every time we go across the street to the school playground. She is getting pretty good at it, too:

(in fact, she is much better than what is portrayed in this video. I almost never bring the camera with me to the playground. This was on a day when she was doing some impressive dribbling and I didn't have the camera so suggested to Kai that we go back home and get the camera, which sort of took away from the moment and, when we returned, her heart wasn't really in it anymore. Oh well).

Basketball is all fine and well (I suppose), but (as you might have guessed) my favorite sport of all time is soccer. And, while I know that Kai is her own person and will choose her own activities and that if playing basketball, climbing mountains and jumping out of airplanes is what she prefers (ahem... just picking random examples out of thin air, obviously... these are not activities that I in any way see Kai wanting to partake in as she gets older...), then I will cheer her on in those endeavors (well, maybe not jumping out of airplanes. I might protest a bit about that one... for all that it would matter). But, certainly, I would cheer at all her basketball games. I am just secretly hoping (or maybe not so secretly hoping, since I am writing about it in a post on a semi-private blog that Kai will one day read) that soccer creeps up among the activities that Kai is drawn too. And, thanks to the world cup, I think soccer is gaining traction. The other day she dribbled the basketball across the playground using her feet. Progress!!

And, she did score a nice last goal of the "season" at her last "practice":


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