Sunday, July 25, 2010

The weekend Kai became a big kid!

I know I've been saying for some time now that I cannot get over how quickly Kai is shedding her babyhood -- and even her toddlerhood. But, this weekend was truly several leaps forward. First, there was the tricycle riding. We bought Kailey a trike for her birthday, and she has enjoyed scooting along on it (as in walking along while straddling the trike... no pedals required!) We have been trying to convince her to try pedaling for some time, but she has been quite content to walk her trike rather than pedal her trike. That is until she noticed one of her favorite friends at daycare pedaling, not walking, the trike. And now? Kai is pedaling along with the best of them:

Except when she nearly topples (don't you just love how the near crash cracks her up? This kid has no fear):

Kai and Eric also made up a running joke on Friday, which has carried throughout the weekend. It started with the ride home from daycare on Thursday. Kai was whining in the backseat, as usual, and Eric looked out the window and shouted "mouse! mouse!" in an attempt to quell the whine. And it worked. Kai looked out the window and realized Eric was joking, and she started cracking up and pointing out the window herself, shouting "MOUSE MOUSE!!" That night, while we were eating dinner, she started in again. And, as you can see, she finds it quite amusing:

And, to top it all off, Kai went the whole weekend without a diaper - except nighttime and naptime on Saturday (she napped without the diaper today) -- and she only had one accident the whole time (on Saturday afternoon).

Trike riding, a budding sense of humor, and potty training all in one weekend!! Who's this new big kid that has moved into our house?

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