Sunday, July 18, 2010


Kai is truly having a language explosion, which has led to us playing a lot of detective trying to figure out her latest and greatest word. She busts out with 5 - 10 words (or more, who knows) spontaneously on what seems a daily basis. Some words she just repeats when we say the word, and then we don't hear that word again for a long while. Others she tries to get us to understand for awhile -- and she can get quite frustrated when we run past 3 - 4 guesses (we're idiots, we know).

For example, the other day, Eric walked in with Kai from daycare and said, "what's dobbett?" I told him I didn't know. He asked Kai to say it again and she cocked her head to one side, as if to say, "what are YOU saying?" because, clearly, "dobbett" was not what she had said. A few hours later she was in the bath and she yelled out, "DOBBETT" while pointing at the water. "Water?" I said, like an idiot. Because, first, she has been saying wa-wa for eons and second, dobbett and water have no sounds in common. Kai looked at me with disdain. "Dobbet", she said again, this time pointing to the faucet. "Faucet?" I said. You could almost see Kailey sigh an exasperated sigh. Oh what she puts up with. "Dobbett", she tried again. "OHHHH... STOP IT", I said. "YES, YES!" Kai yelled - clearly relieved that I had cracked the code. I turned off the water and she busied herself playing, continuing to mutter "dobbett" under her breath.

Kailey says, "Shou-d" for "shower", "Or-D" for "orange", "Sar-D" for "Sarah", "Dee Dee" for "Katie". She likes her Ds, it seems. And, I think this may illustrate why it can be a little hard to figure out exactly what she is saying.

She is also starting to put together pronouns. She declared "YOURS shoe, mama", the other day. Although, the "yours" sounded like something else and, again, took awhile to figure out. Everything is "mine" "me" or "yours". There is no "ours" in her world yet. We'll get there.

Anyway, even though I haven't been posting as many videos lately, I've still been taking some now and again (although, not as much as I would like -- work is keeping me very crazed at the moment). But, what I've found is that it is nearly impossible to capture her language explosion on video. When the camera is running, she doesn't try out all her new words. But, I still like the videos and want to keep a record of them here.

For context -- this first one relates to Kai's latest obsession -- "bugs", a word she says quite clearly. Kai is both fascinated and repelled by bugs, and seems convinced that any time something foreign touches her it must be a "BUG!". She'll start yelling, "BUG, BUG" while in her carseat, while scratching at her neck. It's more likely sand, since the car is a sandpit, but there is no convincing Kailey that there is not a bug on her neck. The other day, Eric said, "Did you see the bug?" Kai hesitated, clearly considering this question. "Yes", she finally responded. "What color was it?", Eric asked. "Bue", Kai replied. "Ohhh... a blue bug?" Eric said. "BIG", Kai yelled, clearly getting into this. "A BIG blue bug", Eric said, feigning terror. "YEL-OH", Kai yelled. Yes, a big, blue and yellow bug was crawling around her neck. Gotcha.

This next video is about Kai's trip to the dentist. Anytime we talk about the dentist, the first thing she says is "up" and then, after a pause, "down". Clearly the dentist is all about the chair.

And this video demonstrates Kai's ongoing obsession with her ABCs. Kailey LOVES the ABCs. When she sings the song, she only gets as far as "A B C... AAAA BBBB CCC" -- but, in fact, she knows all of her letters. She has an alphabet puzzle that she can put together in record time, no matter how it is presented to her (meaning, we can hand her random letters, and she'll name them and put them in the proper place, or we can ask her to find certain letters, and she can do that as well). It's funny that she doesn't sing the whole song yet, but, she is all about those ABCs.

And I'll end with a video of Kailey doing what Kailey loves best -- climbing!

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