Friday, July 30, 2010

Training Days - Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, Kai went all weekend last weekend without a diaper during the day and she only had one accident. And, we didn't just sit around the house either, we went to the zoo and the park and did other normal weekend activities. That was enough to convince me that Kai was ready for full on potty training. You might recall that we sort of started potty training many months ago But, back then, Kai had frequent accidents and I didn't want to deal with any serious potty training outside the house. In fact, for months, Kai would ask to go potty while we were out and about and I would just tell her to go in her diaper. I'm a good mom like that.

I just wasn't ready to deal with potty training while we were out and about and - really - I didn't think Kai was really ready either. Maybe I was underestimating her. But, it made sense to me to keep the potty training to hours when we were home, which aren't that many hours, so we weren't making a lot of progress.

Then, last weekend, I decided we should just go for it. See how ready she was to move beyond the house. I was pretty nervous about it - not really wanting to deal with a big accident in public. But, I loaded the diaper bag with extra clothes, diapers, underwear and decided there is no time like the present. And then I proceeded to ask her every 2 minutes if she has to go to the potty. Ha ha. But, despite my worrying, she did terrific!! No accidents during any of our outings. Woo hoo!

So, we decided to continue the potty training experiment by taking her to daycare on Monday in her underwear. I didn't know how appreciative they would be of that, since I didn't really talk to them about potty training much before embarking on our potty training journey. But, I figured they must be used to it (and Jacob told me that accidents and potty training were still preferable to all the diapers they deal with... they do start taking kids at 15 months, so they are used to all of this).. Anyway, they were very excited and encouraging when they heard that Kai had gone two days with one accident.

Monday and Tuesday were a little rough -- it's hard to remember to go to the potty when you are busy playing with 11 friends and having a great time. She had a couple of accidents on Monday and one on Tuesday. But, that was it. She hasn't had an accident since then. And apparently, several of the others kids have taken an increased interest in the potty as they watch Kailey going to and from the restroom.

Now when I ask her about potty training, she is very emphatic. She gets it.

And, despite my early laziness on the subject - I am SO proud of her and really excited to be moving beyond diapers!!

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