Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is Here

Can you tell summer has arrived by my lack of posting so far this month? Here I was so good about writing in May, but June has sort of flown by already (and the rest of the month is busier than the last two weeks). There hasn't been a lot to write about, and I've forgotten to do my interviews with Kailey the last week (or has it been two?) I'll catch back up.

Besides my lack of posting, we know summer is here because Kai had her last day of soccer today (well, not last day EVER, of course. But, last day until after the summer is over at least). Of course, this isn't a real soccer team and the classes do continue through the summer, if one feels like signing up their child for another 10 week session. We are just going to do more summer-oriented classes this summer -- like swimming!! Although, I need to actually sign her up for those lessons... details, details. I will miss soccer, though. We've done it for two full sessions, and it really is a terrific class. And, really, toddlers in soccer uniforms... there is nothing cuter. Here's Kailey scoring her last goal of the season:

Bye bye springtime... here's to summer fun!

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