Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Weekly(ish) Chat

OK -- it's week two of my so-called "weekly" chat, and I'm already a few days late posting! I actually filmed these BEFORE they were due to be posted, but, alas -- we were away this weekend (Yosemite - kick off of Paddle to the Sea -- Kai realized a newfound love of hammocks... they SWING, after all), so... excuses, excuses. Also, the interviews sound a bit like the interviews last week. OK - enough of my excuses. I'll get better at this. But, for now, here are the interviews Kai and I did this week (one with Eric's help because Kai wanted to be interviewed sitting on my lap):

In addition to our interviews, I also managed (after many, many tries) to get some of Kai's rendition of "Happy Birthday" aka "Happy Day Day" on film. She goes around singing this ALL the time and it is heart-meltingly cute (if I do say so myself). This isn't her best performance -- but, it captures the spirit of her favorite song:

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