Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Chat

Ahhh.. no posts between the weekly chats this time around. It's been getting busy at work and busy at Eric's work... so, no time for writing things down (and not much exciting going on... unless you want to hear about the budget cuts in California or the excitement of trying to settle one of my cases)

So, a quick update before posting the weekly videos (and, really, let me just say how very impressed I am with myself that I am on week three of my video project and I am keeping at it... I love these videos, even if they don't capture the spontaneity of Kai busting out with a new word or sentence as I had initially hoped. She busts out with new words and sentences daily -- but, what I get on camera tends to be what she is most comfortable with, which obviously makes sense. Still, it is fun to be recording her each week and seeing what she comes up with).

Anyway - the update. Kai seems to be in a bit of a growth spurt. She is eating non-stop lately. Last night she ate half a chicken breast, a bowl of blueberries, two bowls of corn, an entire avocado, and several slices of watermelon for dinner. And, as I sit here typing this, she has polished off a yogurt, half a sandwich (butter and jam), half a banana, and some string cheese (and she just ate breakfast a few hours ago). The running joke at daycare is that Kai doesn't miss a meal, and she really doesn't. She loves her food. Maybe this means we'll finally be moving into her 2T clothing.

Beyond her impressive appetite, Kai is definitely saying more two word sentences. They are not really captured in this week's video -- she decided to use her interviews for a bit of goofing around, as you will see. But, these days, rather than just identifying the noun at issue (tree, cat, dog, dirt, etc) Kai has added the possessive -- usually "MINE" or "ME" or "KAILEY'S".... "KAILEY's DOG", "MINE Diaper" (as she tries to change her own diaper). We keep reminding Kailey that very little in this world is actually hers at this point (just you wait, I can hear her answering in her head in response). But, this morning she said, "Mama's Coffee" which sounds more like "Mama's ta-chi". And as we were coming home from breakfast this morning Kai shouted out, "Cookie... C... Cookie". We're pretty sure she was referring to the song C is for cookie.

Kai was excited, as usual, for her weekly camera time -- but, not really very into answering questions this week. So, we just went with it and let her do most of the talking/babbling.

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Janet said...

Have you ever heard this one?

ABCD goldfish?
LMNO goldfish.