Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Weekly Chat

I've decided to start a weekly feature -- the weekly chat with Kai (although, really, we'll see how long it lasts). But, I want to try to record one (or a few) of our conversations every week, and putting them on the blog will help me to remember to break out the camera. Kai is at that age where her vocabulary is expanding by the day -- every day brings new words that we've never heard her utter before. This week she started saying, "sit" although we aren't totally certain she isn't actually saying "s**t", which is what it sounds like and she doesn't always say it when she seems to be wanting us or anyone else to sit. So, hmmm... (I knew my potty mouth was going to get me into trouble eventually... although, I don't use that particular expletive very often). For the moment, we're treating it as a "sit". Problem solved! In addition to possibly swearing, she has also started talking about colors. She has been able to identify the different colors by pointing to the correct color for some time -- but now she talks about the "blue sky" and "yellow flower" or "orange shoes".

What else? I am not very good at remembering all the new words she is saying -- which is one reason I'm starting this weekly feature. To capture this language explosion and, record some of the conversations we have around here. So, yesterday, when I got home from work, I grabbed the camera and said to Kai, "let's do an interview... mama will ask questions and have the camera to film you -- you answer them." I swear she understands every little thing we say -- she was excited to be the interviewee and when I finished the first video wanted to do it a second time (my goal was to keep it at about a minute). So, without further ado, the first of Kai's weekly chats with Mama:

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Janet said...

The "interview" is a great idea. Kai is so cute. Love being able to actually hear her talking.

Also, sorry I missed your birthday. Forgot to turn my calendar to May and it just slipped by