Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Chat and Twinkle, Twinkle

This week, rather than doing much in the way of interviewing (one video is a quasi-interview that I like just because she names all the Varela-Halseys... which is cute), I wanted to try to get her to say some words that she has been saying lately -- although, her pronunciation is a teensy bit off. I have always had a love of coffee, but hearing Kai talk about "mama's ca-chi" gives the beverage that extra special something. And, I love how she says Oscar's name. Yesterday, on the drive back from Modesto, she was practicing bossing Oscar around, "Os-Kie.... dowwwnn", "Os-Kie... s*it" (she means "sit", really), "Os-kie... noooooo", she was hollering from the backseat. Maybe we spend too much time yelling at Oscar? Poor dog.

Beyond the "interviews", there's also a song! At soccer they do "twinkle, twinkle little star" complete with hand motions, which Kailey has started singing/signing to herself lately. She doesn't sing in the video, but she does the signs -- which is pretty cute.

Wow - I just realized this is my 11th post this month. I usually average around 5. So much easier to post with some frequency when all I need to do is follow Kai around with a camera. She provides all the material these days. I love it!

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