Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stories from Daycare

Kai continues to love her new (well, not so new anymore -- she's two months in!) daycare, which we have started to referring to as school (although, maybe that is a bad idea... she'll be in for a rude awakening when she goes to real school someday and realizes it involves more than playing all day with as many trips outside as her little heart desires!) But, anyway, "school" continues to go well. Kai has several friends at this point that she talks about all the time. Her best little friend is a little girl named Ava. When we drive to school in the morning, Kai starts yelling "AVVVaaaaa" "AVVVVaaa" as soon as we get off the freeway at the exit that takes us to her school. And, most evenings when I pick her up, Kai and Ava are in the living room, lying head to head, each with a book and their legs crossed. When you ask Kai about Ava, she says "book" -- I think their favorite thing is to read together. And, both girls have taken to throwing tantrums as we try to extract them from school to go home for the evening. It's cute, minus the tantrums.

Some evenings when we pick Kai up, she's playing outdoors (especially the days that Ava is not at school). It's fun to head out back and play "find Kailey" -- she can be hard to spot among all the children, particularly because she tends to be incredibly absorbed in whatever she is doing (playing on the trikes, building a sand castle, playing basketball). She just blends in with all the other kids... and she is SUCH a KID all the sudden.

One of my favorite parts of school is hearing stories about all the other kids. The other day we picked Kai up and Lauren told us a story from lunchtime. Apparently they were eating chicken for lunch, except the children who are vegetarians who were eating tofu. The little boy eating tofu said, "we don't eat chicken. Chicken are our friends." In response, a little girl said, "not when they're cooked" as she put a big bite of chicken in her mouth.

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