Sunday, May 16, 2010


Kai is starting to get more into make believe, as most two year olds do. But, I just find it so enchanting to watch her "cooking" us a meal, or talking to her toys (I can't understand what she is saying most of the time). Yesterday, when I came in the living room, she was putting her "baby" - a little blue bath toy - to bed and, i think, talking about "nap". Luckily, I happened to have the camera on hand - so I got it on video:

What I find remarkable about this is that she even knows what swaddling is to begin with. We don't have another baby (obviously) and Kai hasn't really spent time around babies -- particularly babies that are being swaddled. The other kids at daycare are all about two (or nearly two) or older. She probably saw one of the other kids at school swaddling a doll, and she has decided that this is the proper thing to do with one's "baby".

Also, maybe we should get her a doll so she doesn't have to baby little blue martians? Although, he is pretty cute.


Janet said...

brbeSo much fun to watch them play when they develop their imagination, isn't it. Could sure understand the word "baby."

I really appreciate reading your entries as they come out. Makes me feel a little closer to you all.

Janet said...

Sorry---I appreciate being able to read your entries............Didn't put that right the first time