Monday, May 17, 2010

Just one more...

I've mentioned that Kai never wants to leave daycare when we pick her up at the end of the day. At first, when we would arrive, she would see us but then turn back to whatever she was doing - trying her best to ignore us and, clearly, hoping we would go away. Some days she would take off in the opposite direction. These days, when we show up, she gives a shout out ("MAMA") and then becomes rather frenzied, running from one thing to another, doing each activity as quickly as possible. Jacob, one of the people who works at Kai's daycare, narrates as she springs into action: "I just have to do a quick swing, and some digging... then the playhouse... let's not forget the balls, a little dribbling... oh, and a quick ride on the trike, and a little bit of drawing... and, and..." It totally cracks me up. This is not only EXACTLY how Kai is, as she tries to cram in each ounce of fun before we snatch her up for the evening, it is also EXACTLY Eric. Genetics strike again.

Despite the fact that Kai never seems to want to leave, and never once has come up to me ready to go, when I finally snatch her up after letting her try each activity one more hurried time, she always sticks her hand down my shirt (Kai's go-to comfort move) and puts her head on my shoulder. Pure sweetness.

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