Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interview at the Beach

It was not a week that I had the camera very much, hence the lack of posting since last week's interview. But, yesterday we headed to the beach and decided to do our weekly interview at the beach. The wind was a bit strong (it's the beach after all), so it is a bit hard to hear the interview.

Kai was playing with a pile of rocks while singing "happy birthday" -- her all time favorite song, as I've mentioned before. Seriously, I've totally created a birthday monster. She is singing it again as I type this. At least, she sings the song to everyone and anyone. It's not so much her birthday she is obsessed with... she just loves birthdays. Anyway, so she was playing with rocks and singing her song and then she blew on the rocks and we realized she was pretending that the rock pile was a birthday cake. That's when I whipped out the camera and decided to do our weekly interview. The interviews are never as good as the impromptu moments... but, they help me remember what was going on in those impromptu moments.

On the way home, Kai did what she usually does in the car these days -- she sang happy birthday to everyone she could think of. It's really funny to listen to. We never even bother to turn on music anymore because Kai is her own entertainment. She will sing the song and, when she finishes, call out the next person that she is going to sing to -- as in, "happy day day to Mama, happy day day Mama, Happy day day Mama, happy day day mama.... Dada.... Happy day day to Dada..." and the song goes on. We recorded a little bit of the car singing (and caught the shout outs to "nonny" and "papa"):

When she runs out of people to sing to, she turns to other things. Yesterday she sang "happy day day" to "wa wa" and to "yum yum" and to "night night". My favorite call out of all time, though, was when she sang "happy day day... poop poop."

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