Monday, April 12, 2010

Videos Galore

We've taken so many awesome (in my humble opinion, of course) videos of Kai recently that I haven't gotten around to posting here -- and they capture what a daring and happy child she is (and also how incredibly quickly she is shedding babyhood!) So, I thought I would just post them all at once, and catch myself up a bit.

First up -- climbing. Have I mentioned that Kailey likes to climb things? Like the windows in our house (did I not mention this already? I was just looking for a post where I wrote about how she scaled the windows in our living room, and couldn't find it. So maybe I haven't mentioned -- she climbs windows. And, not any windows. THESE windows: Do you see how the window sills are like a half an inch?! She climbed these... seriously. Half way to the ceiling. And there was no couch in front of the windows to give her a boost, as there is in the picture.) Or play equipment that she shouldn't really be climbing yet. The child loves to climb:

And, if climbing isn't an option - she'll swing from a bar before launching herself down a slide. Like this (although, we didn't get a video of the launching part... I dug out the camera after she had done the trick a few times, and we had to ask her for a repeat performance... and she decided to skip the launching part. You'll just have to trust me that there was also launching involved):

Kai's daredevil spirit results in frequent bumps and "boo boos" (as Kailey likes to call them). I've mentioned before that when Kai gets hurt, she may cry for a moment or two, and then she becomes rather accusatory towards the offending object, be it the chair that dared fall over while she was balancing precariously on it, or the wall that jumped in front of her when she was spinning around like a madwoman or jumping off the bed. I promised in that previous post to get a video of her tattling on the offending object -- and here it is:

Despite an increase in bumps and bruises -- Kai's enthusiasm to try things that no nearly-two-year old should be trying usually results in her having a really good time and proving to us that she can, indeed, take on the challenge. Take her recent outing to the park where she demanded to try to the tire swing with the 3 and 4 year olds that were clearly having a mighty good time spinning about:

And, when there's nothing to climb or swing on -- Kai loves to dance. Her favorite dancing tune continues to be "Jump Around" and she has increased her repertoire of moves (beyond running in a circle):

And, then there's her laugh. I love her crazy little laugh:

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