Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Second Birthday

Kai turned TWO this last weekend, and we had a good time celebrating. Compared to last year, we were pretty low key in our celebrations this year. But, we still made a weekend out of it and had a great time together.

Kai understood her birthday this year -- at least she understood that because it was her birthday, people were going to sing her "Happy Birthday" and she would get to blow out candles. Kai LOVES having people sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She walks around the house singing, "haaapppy..." to prompt us to begin the song. So, we made sure she got to have the birthday song sung to her several times. First, there was her party with my mom who was here for a few days the week before Kai's birthday:


Then there was her party with Sarah, Doug, Penny and Max (we kept it small this time around... turns out you only need one other kid for it to be a party!)

And, finally, the entire restaurant at Fenton's Ice Cream Parlor sang to her at lunch the day after her birthday.

Kai never has any real interest in the dessert that accompanies the song. But, she asks for a repeat performance of the song and candles everytime. With my mom and with Penny we went through several renditions. The folks at Fenton's thought once was enough.

The disinterest in the dessert is so strange, though. At two, Kai is an excellent eater. She'll eat most vegetables and all fruit. She loves spaghetti, salmon, rice, avocado, hamburger, hot dogs, chicken, baked beans, mac and cheese, eggs... she eats almost anything. She has even gotten into chips and salsa recently (she used to scream if she ate salsa). But birthday cake, ice cream sundaes and pie? Nope. She won't even really try them. She has no interest in dessert. I suppose I shouldn't complain, but I find myself cajoling her, "Kai, just TRY a bite, you'll love it" as though it's broccoli or something. Maybe it's because I want her to eat it that she won't... ahh reverse psychology. Such a powerful tool!

In addition to singing her Happy Birthday many, many times over the weekend, we had a little party, as I mentioned above. Kai got an easel that can be used as a white board, chalkboard, or for painting and drawing. Penny and Kai had fun painting together.

We also got Kai a trike, that she didn't take any interest in until the next morning. She is a bit small for it still. A few more inches, and she'll be tearing up the playground. I'll have to post pics of the trike later -- apparently I don't have any!

Penny got her some cleaning supplies. As soon as we opened them, the girls started cleaning up the deck. What an awesome present!!

But, her favorite toy by far? The $4 bubble blower that I bought to make the party a bit more festive. Kai LOVES the bubbles and spent most of the time saying "bub - bowl".

It was a really fun party!

And, the next day, we headed to the beach with our California girl. I have to say, we definitely named Kai appropriately. This child LOVES the ocean. She was scampering on the rocks, trying to get out deeper, and everytime a wave would come she would yell, "WHEEEEEEEE" with a HUGE smile on her face. She had fun collecting shells and climbing on the small dunes.

One of the funnier moments was when she decided to start walking down some fairly steep stairs onto the beach. These stairs:

They are not the easiest things to navigate, but she was doing it by herself, not even holding a hand. At one point, she hesitated, so Eric scooped her up and walked down a couple of steps with her to get her closer to the bottom. "NOOOOOOO" Kai screamed. As soon as he put her down, she turned around and scampered back up to the step she had been struggling with, shooting Eric a look that said, "I will do this myself." And, she did... she got herself down. All. By. Herself.

She's TWO afterall!!

Happy Birthday, Kailey!! We love you so very much!

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