Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weddings and Flower Girls

My sister, Katie, and her person-and-love-for-life, Becca, had a party at the beginning of March to celebrate their union and the journey they've been on the last four years and the journey they're continuing on together. In other words, a wedding! But, they weren't so focused on the label or thinking that the event signifed the start of anything new, just the continuation of something very special. No matter the label -- it was a terrific party and ceremony, and I'm glad we got to be a part of it.

Kai especially enjoyed the festivities. She really enjoyed being the flower girl. Who doesn't like to have a basket of petals and the chance to dump them all over the floor? I really thought that she would freeze and refuse to drop the petals when there was a room full of people staring at her, given the fact that Kailey rarely performs on command. But, this time, she decided that being the center of attention with her petals was just fine.

Unfortunatley, once Kai's part of the ceremony was done (meaning she was no longer the center of attention), she decided to remind everyone that there was STILL a NEARLY TWO YEAR OLD in the room, for all of you who missed the munchkin wandering around aimlessly in her little blue dress.

So, the ceremony started, and Katie and Becca's friend, Liz, who was officiating, started off the ceremony by saying: "It has been said that talking about love is like dancing about architecture. However, in the spirit of the day, we are going to give it a try." At which point, Kailey, as if on cue, shouted, "UH-OH".

Uh-oh indeed. It went downhill from there. One of the readings was a children's book, "I Like You," which was divided up between about five of us, including Eric and me. Every time it got to be my turn to read a passage, Kai started screeching. Seriously. SCREEECCCHHHHIIINNNNGGGG. In a way that she has never really done before. Not on airplanes. Not when whining to get her way. Not at restaurants. No, it seems she saved this brand of screeching for when her mommy had to stand up in front of a crowd of people at an important event and read a passage. The kid has skill. And timing. That's all I'm saying.

However, as soon as the ceremony was over (and we missed most of it, unfortunately. We tried to hear everything, but we were busy in the very back of the room covering Kai's mouth and hissing at her to "beee QUIET"), Kai got into the swing of the party. And what a party it was! Kai danced, did mule kicks, ran into people, twirled, stuffed her mouth with food, and rode the elevator about 100 times. She liked the elevator. 17 floors in a tiny, claustrophobic box that creeped along... whats not to love? And, every once in awhile, the number "9" would light up (her favorite number).

As midnight approached, my parents took Kailey back to where we were all staying and Eric and I stayed and partied like we haven't partied since looonnngggg before Kai was born.

Congratulations Katie and Becca!! Here's to many, many years of happiness and adventure! And thanks for a terrific party!

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Kathryn J said...

Awww... I got behind on your blog and was just catching up. Thanks for the sweet post. And the screeching was really not so bad, she was just cheering you on ;)

I think Liz' friend Dana taped most of the ceremony. I keep forgetting to ask her for it but this just reminded me. Will send it your way when/if I get it and you can see if you missed anything good. Lol.