Sunday, March 28, 2010


We've entered the world of two-word sentences. Kai's first two-word sentence was coached. She wanted more of something -- probably some sort of fruit -- and kept saying "more, more" (no, that's not the sentence) while signing emphatically. "More, PLEASE" I reminded her. "MEEAAS" she said (for some reason her "p" is an "m" when coupled with the word "please). "More please," I said. "More MEAS" she replied. A sentence!! We cheered her on and gave her the fruit (or whatever it was).

So far, she has yet to say "more please" without be reminded about the please part. This morning in bed, she kept wanting more videos and I kept reminding her to say "please." At one point, after about the 15th "MEAS" I said, "Please, Kailey -- as in puh-puh-puh PLEASE". She responded, "puh- puh- puh- MEAS". At least we know she can make the "p" sound.

Yesterday at the park Kai said her first uncoached two word sentence. Kailey was climbing things that no nearly two-year old should be climbing on the play equipment that was designed for the 5 - 12 year old set. Eric was spotting her. She was on one of those ladders that curves up from the ground, with each circular rung the width of a broomstick, and separated by about 10 inches between rungs. Kai has to really reach to step between the rungs, given she is only 32" tall. Eric had his hands ready to catch her, but not touching her (almost touching her, but not quite) and Kai said, "NO, MOVE" while batting away his hands. Classic, Kailey. She is such a dare devil (although, the car wash this morning started to freak her out... but then we reminded her that the car was just getting a bath, and she was OK with it. Afterwards, she asked for "more" -- so it wasn't too traumatizing).

At lunch today, Kailey had finished the main part of her meal (spaghetti) and had refused to eat any of her "vegetable" (avocado... I know, it's a fruit, but aren't they all fruits, really?) and was asking for a strawberry (I cannot spell how she says it... only Eric and I would ever know what it is she is saying when she asks for a strawberry). I said, "eat some avocado and you can have some strawberry". She ate one bite of avocado. "More" I said. She ate another. "One more", I said. She ate one more bite, and I went to get some strawberries. I brought back two, thinking I could bribe her to eat more avocado with the second one after she finished the first berry. I handed her one strawberry, and she pointed at the other. "Later," I said. She grabbed a slice of avocado and ate a bite, "one more" she replied, smiling. I gave her the other strawberry. The next go around (after she had finished both strawberries) she tried to get another one just by flashing her winning smile. It didn't work.

Talking is getting more fun every day!


Brittney said...

haven says all her "k" sounds as "t" - evn though she can say ka-ka-ka... oy. she also likes to tell us to move, and never polietly!

Robin said...

what only two strawberries? Your entries always make me smile Angie. Love and kisses to you all....Robin = )