Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Traveler

In her short life, Kailey has flown 6 times, and three of those journeys were cross-country trips. Although I know I am jinxing myself and inviting all sorts of bad karma by putting this to paper, I am just going to come out and say it... Kai is a great traveler. On all of our cross-country flights, she has been amazing. No meltdowns. The only meltdown she has ever had was on a trip to Portland, and I think she was sick... so, we're not counting that. Kai loves planes, shouting out "PAIN" whenever she sees one flying over head. PAIN. Really, that is oh so appropriate because while she is an excellent traveler (which is defined as not crying on airplanes and keeping the screeching, even when it is happy screeching, to a minimum), the truth is that anytime anyone travels with a toddler, there is quite a bit of PAIN involved, particularly for the parents of said toddler. We get to endure the squirming that results in elbow jabs to the face, punches, kicks, hair pulling. And we get to constantly remind Kailey that, no, she cannot kick the seat in front of her, or touch the TV screen, or throw her food. And, also, the people behind you who are sleeping do not want to say, "HI". Which results in frequent walks up and down the asile. Followed by more snacks, and more toddler hands spreading all variety of crumbs and juice and other partially digested food remanents all over our clothes. PAIN... that is a good word for it.

Kai has started to get a bit more self-sufficient about traveling as well. She wanted to help pack (and unpack, and then pack again, and unpack...) her luggage the night before the trip. Let's just say most of the packing happened after she went to sleep. She happily greets the individual who checks us in and takes our bags, and then greets everyone else we encounter through the airport. And, she has now noticed that everyone has a bag that they pull through the airport on the way to their flights. So, naturally, Kailey also insisted on pulling her luggage through the airport:

This is adorable and funny for about 3 minutes, and then it gets tiresome because it takes about 10 times as long to get to the gate. But, it's nice to see the independence and self sufficiency. I just look forward to the day when she has the strength, balance, and coordination to back it up!

And the best part about traveling with Kai is that as much as she loves being on the road, she loves her home best of all. She was all smiles and giggles when she woke up in her own (and by that I mean, our collective) bed on Tuesday morning. It's nice to get away to remember how much we like being where we are.

NOTE: our trip this last week was to NYC for Katie and Becca's wedding which I will write about later. I want to get pictures from Katie to go along with the post... so this is just about her traveling. More to come on our actual trip!

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