Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Haircut!

Just shy of two years old, and Kai got her first haircut today. Truth be told, there was very little to cut. But, the child has no part -- her hair just grows straight into her eyes. So, she needed a little (very little) trim to keep her hair out of her eyes.

In true Kailey spirit, she embraced the experience of a first haircut. She watched the child before her... marveling at the television that was playing a cartoon to distract the haircutee, but also marveling at the haircutee as well. But, what really cinched the deal for Kai was watching that little girl get a balloon at the end of her cut. Kai's eyes got huge and she shouted "BAAAOOONNNN". I told her she could also have a balloon after her cut was over. Kai ran to the chair and pointed at it, as if to say, "well, let's get this thing going then."

The little girl that went before us had been sitting on her mother's lap, so I started to sit in the chair. But, the salon owner said, "no, no... let's see if she'll sit in the booster on her own... I have a feeling she will... she has no fear." Well, that's true. He plopped the booster seat into the chair, picked Kai up, and plucked her down. No problem. Kai was ready to go.

She kept pointing at her hair as he trimmed her bangs, noting what was going on, but also putting her fingers in imminent danger.

Luckily, this guy was a true professional. At the end of the haircut, I said - "smile" and, of course, Kai obliged:

And then she got her balloon!

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