Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conversations with Kailey

Kailey still isn't quite talking "human" yet -- if talking human involves complete sentences complete with nouns and verbs. But, as far as nouns go, Kailey seems to be getting those down! So, "conversations" with Kailey consist of a non-stop commentary of the world around us. "Sky", Kailey notes as we head outdoors, pointing upwards. "Tree", "flower", "stick", "dog"... yes, we agree, noting all of those things as well. "PLANE"! Kai shouts, pointing overhead. "Where?" we ask... and Kai points emphatically. She's never wrong. A moment later, we notice a small blip in the sky. "Ahhh, yes... plane." We repeat and Kai smiles her smug smile, as if to say, I know what I'm talking about.

Kailey loves identifying objects. She even seems to have learned her shapes. We bought her a little puzzle the other day -- well, she picked it out. It is very simple -- 9 shapes, each a different color, that you can remove and then put in the appropriate place. We took it home and Kailey immediately took all the shapes out and started putting them back in the appropriate spots, pointing at each shape as she picked it up so we could tell her what it was. Then, she would put it where it went, clap for herself (she loves clapping for herself... her own best audience), and then proceed to the next shape. We did the puzzle twice and then went on our way. A couple of days later, we were out to eat, and Kai was happily drawing (the best part about going out to eat, as far as Kailey is concerned). I picked up a crayon and drew several shapes and then asked Kai, "where's the circle?" which she identified... "star"... "square"... "triangle"... check, check, check. I was amazed. She knew shapes!

It's so fun to identify the world with Kailey because she is so keen on knowing what everything is and how it works. Increasingly, she likes to do puzzles and "read" her books, identifying things as she goes along. The funniest book she "reads" is "Goodnight Gorilla"... which, if you know the book, doesn't have many words. "Night night" Kai says on each page, as she flips through the book. Then she gets to the page where they turn the lights out, which consists of a black page with a bunch of thought bubbles saying "Good Night". "Night", "night", "night", "night", Kai repeats, pointing at each bubble. Then, on the next page, where the zoo keeper's wife turns on the light, Kai says, "uh-oh" and laughs. Then, when the zoo keeper's wife takes the animals back to the zoo, Kai says "bye, bye". It is too funny.

So, that's what we're "talking" about these days.

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