Friday, January 22, 2010

She's Listening... More

Two funny stories that show just how intently Kai is listening to us. First, the other evening, she was sleeping on my chest (because she had woken up after we put her to bed... and we were near the critical conclusion of one of our favorite TV shows... and we don't have tivo... and I wanted to finish watching it... so, rather than spending the time to get her to go back to sleep in her own bed, I grabbed her and took her into the living room... I know. I'm a stellar mom - but, that is beside the point!) Anyway, she was sleeping on my chest and it was a commercial and, for some reason, Eric mentioned "Coach Vince", Kailey's soccer coach. As soon as he said "coach Vince", Kai popped up out of her slumber and said "ball, ball" and then laid her head back on my chest and went back to sleep. I think she was sleep talking. Soccer is clearly a big deal.

Another time recently, Eric was humming some tune that was clearly from one of the numerous electronic musical toys that take over one's life once they have children. Why do all the toys have to make noise? But, anyway, he was humming a tune and neither of us could place it. "Which toy is that even from?" I asked Eric and he responded, "I don't know." Kailey looked up, ran into her room, retrieved a toy that she hadn't played with for many months from the bottom of her bookshelf and proceeded to make it play the tune that Eric was humming. We were floored -- not only did she recognize the tune, the toy that it belonged to, but she remembered it even though it had been MONTHS since we had played with that toy. AND she knew where it was, which shows that she has her mother's OCD tendiencies regarding the proper place of all things (and the need to know where everything is at all times).

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