Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Decade

I like the new year as a time to reflect - and I like new decades for that reason as well. We rang in the last decade (and century and millennium) with Amy and Dave in the Alvaro Desert -- a totally remote location in Eastern Oregon. We camped out that night on a dry lake bed in negative 5 degree weather.

We rang in the new decade - 2010 - with our friends Sarah, Doug and Penny. Well, actually, we didn't ring anything in... we didn't even make it to midnight east coast time. But, we celebrated the end of the decade and the beginning of the new year with our friends and our daughters. As I watched Kai and Penny dancing, jumping, running and playing dress up, I thought about last year when we watched Kai scotching across the floor to bat at our champagne bottle... it's amazing how much changes in a year.

And in this next decade Kai will go from 2 to 12... toddlerhood to middle school. It's a bit mind-boggling. Particularly because decades don't seem that long anymore.

Happy 2010, Kailey! I am so looking forward to spending this next decade with you and watching you become a pre-teen!!

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