Saturday, December 12, 2009


She's only 19 months old, but Kai has started playing soccer! I have been looking forward to Kai playing soccer since long before she was born -- and I love that she is so into running, kicking, and... well, soccer!! Last week was our first class. As is Kailey's usual style, she decided to just check things out last week. She sat wide-eyed as the coach ran through various games. She didn't kick the ball, every time the coach came over to give her a high five she recoiled and eyed him suspiciously, she wouldn't run across the field with the other kids. The coach started most activities by saying, "one, two, three... if you can hear me touch your nose." Or, "one, two, three... if you can hear me touch your toes." Kai looked at him and... nothing. I had to hold her a good chunk of the class, and at the end, the coach asked me if she was really shy or if it was ok to keep trying to engage her. I said, "she'll get used to it." When we got in the car, Kai pointed at her new uniform excitedly and said, "ball! Mama! BALL." Then she started holding up her fingers and saying her version of "one, two, three" (which is more like uh... uh.. tu, but I know what she means). I asked her if she liked soccer, and she kicked her legs excitedly. I rolled my eyes (a skill Kai has also mastered, by the way... like she's a teenager or something. But, that's a post for another day).

All week, we "talked" about soccer. Meaning, Kai kept pointing at her uniform every time she saw it in her drawer and insisted on wearing it to bed one night. She was very responsive whenever we started a new activity with "one, two, three" (just like coach did) and kept pointing out all the balls in her room and carrying them around the house. I could tell she was ready for week two. This morning, I asked her if she wanted to go to soccer and she let out a HUGE holler and ran into her bedroom and started looking for her uniform. She was so excited. And at practice today, totally different kid.

She ran across the field with the other kids, playing red light/green light. She kicked the ball, gave high fives, touched her nose and her toes when instructed, and scored her first goal (well, they all get a turn to score a goal at the end of practice). Some videos:

She LOVED it. It was so much fun to watch her really get into practice. SOCCER practice! And, it totally wore her out. I am really looking forward to our next practice (which isn't for THREE weeks). We'll have to practice on our own in the meantime.