Friday, November 27, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that Kai can be bribed with peas. In fact, she can be bribed, if you want to call it that, with all variety of things that she more or less has to do anyway. For example, she doesn't love to open her mouth and let you brush her teeth. But, when I say, "Kai, do you want to go to bed?" (she nods) "then let me brush your teeth." And, voila, she opens her mouth! Or, when I want her to clean up the books she has unceremoniously dumped off of her shelf I can say, "Kai, do you want to eat lunch?" (nods) "then pick up your books". And, again, the books are cleaned up in moments. I love it.

Of course, of course -- it won't last. I'm sure she'll learn to barter with the best of them. But, at this point, Kai's likes and dislikes are still somewhat simple. She hasn't really discovered a lot of the best things in life. I think she's had dessert 2 - 3 times, and it isn't something she thinks about. We take her all variety of places that she loves (the zoo, the play cafe, parks, playgrounds, museums), but she isn't at a point that she asks to go to these places. She is just excited to arrive. And, she really enjoys most of the day to day business of living -- she likes to go to bed; she likes to eat; she likes to take baths. These are all things she would have to do even if she hated them, but the fact that she enjoys - and even looks forward to - these things makes it so much easier. The only thing she has to do on a regular basis that she really hates is having her diaper changed; although, even this is beginning to change. Well, her hatred of the diaper change isn't changing -- but she has started to tell us when she needs to be changed. It's sort of funny. She'll grab onto her diaper and look at us, and we'll say, "do you need your diaper changed?" and then it'll dawn on her that if she says "yes" that means that we will, in fact, change her diaper (which she hates) so she says, "noooo no noo nooo no" while continuing to clutch her diaper. She has discovered that the changing table is up high (have I mentioned Kai's love of heights) and so every time I go to change her, she promptly flips onto her belly and shimmies to the edge so that she can hang off the table with her head jutting out over the edge. Lovely.

Nothing is really mundane to her yet. I think this is why the "bribing" works. Not only does she want to eat her lunch, but picking up the books she just tossed off the shelf also sounds pretty fun. She loves to tear things down and put them back, and she's eager to do what we ask her to do. Meals are slightly different -- she is skeptical of new foods, but if she gets a pea for trying it, well... why not. I think she figures she can always spit out whatever it is she has tried (when does the spitting out stop? So gross). It's fun to live in these moments with her.

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Brittney said...

haven is the same way. we've got to get these girls together some time!