Monday, October 19, 2009

Beds and Bottles

This month is a little crazy. We were in Portland last week for a week, and leave on Friday for D.C. for another week. In between we've been running around like mad trying to keep up on house projects and work. Like updating/redecorating Kai's bedroom including getting her a new bed!! I mentioned awhile back (at least I think I did) that Kai managed to climb out of her crib (well, she didn't quite complete the task because I caught her in the act). Combine that with the fact that, at 18 months, we have started to scheme about ways to get Kailey to sleep in her own bedroom, and we decided to buy a toddler bed. She LOVES it. I mean, not to sleep in, but as a toy - it rocks. Here she is the first day we set it up in her room.

And, today, she is napping in her bed!! Next up - nighttime sleeping on her own... at least, that is our goal (realizing, of course, that nighttime could be a bit of a process.. but napping is a big step for us. Very exciting developments, I tell you what).

In addition to starting to sleep in her own room (I love how I count one nap as sleeping in her own room), Kai has also given up bottles (before 18 months - woo hoo!!) I only note the age because our doctor kept telling us to wean the bottles before 18 months, and as we were approaching that deadline this month, I had more or less given up on the idea. Kai EMPHATICALLY asks for a bottle at night, and the few times I had tried a sippy cup instead, she completely lost it and it took more than an hour to get her to sleep. I figured she'd wean herself when she was ready, and this was a battle I wasn't very interested in fighting in the meantime. It's not like she was sleeping with the bottle, she was just drinking a bottle before bed. But, when we went to Portland this last week, we decided to just leave the bottles behind -- and with all the excitement (and exhaustion) of traveling, Kai never really noticed. Now that we are back at home, she has taken to sippy cups before bedtime and it's no big thing. Success and before the deadline! Now I won't have to lie at her 18-month check up this week... big smiles all around!

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