Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THE Smile

Kai has a new expression that she has been perfecting. She breaks this look out as we pass children in stores, at the playground, for animals (both real animals and those in stories). It is a very deliberate look -- I can see her assessing a situation and seeing if it is worthy of THE smile. I think she believes it to be extra special, and saves it for people (or animals) she finds especially fetching or situations she finds particularly entertaining. The other time she flashes THE smile is when there is something that she really wants (like watching the "I Love the Flowers" video or "Five Green Peas in a Peapod Pressed" video over and over again... as soon as the video in question ends, she claps and then she flashes THE smile as though her smile is hardwired to the "replay" button). She is clearly convinced that, once flashed, whatever she desires will be hers. It cracks me up.

It took a long while to capture the look because the camera is really not worthy of THE smile. But, we got it. Do you feel the power of THE smile? Irresistible, right?

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