Friday, September 11, 2009

She's Listening

It's easy to forget that Kailey understands so much more than she can actually say, because she says so little. She is up to about 30 signs/words, which seems like a lot compared to a month ago, but still leaves us forgetting that she understands many times that number. But, lately, Kailey has been demonstrating how much she is hearing and understanding.

A case in point - we were driving back from the aquarium, discussing Kai's first words. "It wasn't really a word - it was growling," I said. "Does she still growl?" Janet asked. In response, Kai started growling. Well, there's your answer!

And, last night, we were playing right before bedtime. Kai was going from the dishwasher (where she has a new magnetic toy that she loves) to outside, and running around. We didn't think she was paying any attention to us. Eric glanced at the clock and announced, "10 minutes till bedtime," referring both to the time and to a book that we read Kai. Kai stopped in her tracks, looked at Eric, and then ran into the bedroom, grabbed the book "10 Minutes Till Bedtime" and handed it to Eric. She then resumed playing. It was hysterical. I couldn't believe she knew what Eric was referencing.

All those words that she has stored in her brain are going to come spilling out soon -- I can't wait.


Robin said...

Remember what you just said...about not being able to wait until Kailey can chat...I have a feeling she is going to be like Becca. Once she started talking she never stopped. I even used to pay her 25 cents to stop talking for 10 minutes...I would set the buzzer on the oven to see if she could do it...just for a moment's silence. As you might imagine very few times did we make the 10 minute mark. Itwas particularly challengin when someone in the family would give her a very long or difficult word to work my "darling" father in law asked Rebecca when she was under 2 if she could say took a bit of practice (czecho..czecho..czecho) but she mastered the word...not before driving me near the brink of sanity with her numerous attempts...Good memories

Thanks for allowing me access to your blog...Hobbes apropos. Can't wait to get caught up on the life of Kai. So happy that you are savvy enough to savor every magical moment...over too soon. Although I must admit I still find my children magical and wonderful. Kai is lucky to have such a doting pair of parents.

Angie said...

I love that story about Becca!!