Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Neighborhood Cat

I depart from my regularly scheduled blogging (all Kailey all the time) to bring you a funny story from our neighborhood block party this evening. The party was held right at the top of the public stairs that run along our house. We heard the music playing, so we all trooped up the stairs to check it out. "All" including Abby and Oscar. Abby likes to take walks with us, she always has. She likes meeting people. She always knows all of our neighbors before we do. And, everywhere that we've lived with Abby (DC, San Mateo, San Francisco and Oakland) our neighbors always considered Abby to be, at least in part, their cat. I have no doubt that she learns the schedules of those in the neighborhood. She is always there, ready to greet us, when we get home. But, during that 10 - 12 hour stretch when we're gone, she spends her time with the other people she has met who have come to think of her as part of their family. When we were in DC, there were numerous times when some neighbor three blocks over would try to adopt her. When we were in SF, our next door neighbor asked if she could have her when we moved to Oakland. We said no.

Abby has definitely been her happiest since we moved here. She loves this house, particular all the "woods" that are ideal hunting grounds and the public stairway that runs along the house, giving her the chance to meet people as they come and go.

I didn't realize how well Abby has acquainted herself with people around our neighborhood until the block party this evening. when a group of school girls, ages 5 -6, show up and a few of them start to pet Abby. "That's Abby" I said to them. The girls looked at me with that annoyed look that children get when you've condescended to them, as though I had told them the sky was blue. "We know," one of them responded, and then turned on her heel and looked at her friends with that "can you believe that woman?" expression. I started cracking up. Duh. Everyone knows Abby!

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