Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inventing Words

Kai has now gone from learning new signs to inventing them. The development of language is so fascinating to watch! "Bubbles" was the word she was searching for last night, while gazing longingly at the bottle. First, she did her usual reach for it accommpanied by a grunt, but quickly pulled her hand back. You could tell she was thinking about it -- how do I say that? How do I tell them what I want? And then, she put her hand up for her mouth, to do the sign for water, and blew. Like she was blowing bubbles. It was so cool!! I wasn't going to let her play with the bubbles at 7:30, but, you know - she invented a word! We got out the bubbles.

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Robin said...

Obviously the only thing you could with bubbles to celebrate.