Monday, August 31, 2009


I swear Kailey reads this blog. Her tendency to do something right after I have remarked on her refusal to do that very thing is uncanny. I've written before about how Kailey likes to prove me wrong. And, after reading my last post, she decided that signing isn't such a bad thing and learned a whole host of signs this last week that she now uses consistently and accurately.

She now says:
1. please (such a nice word! She usually does this with both hands, so it looks a lot like "bath")
2. milk (this is the one that she refused for soooooo long.. but, now, it seems she realizes that signing milk is so much easier than having a tantrum)
3. water
4. cracker (really, she doesn't do this one right. She taps her forearm or the top of her hand, and it is supposed to be her elbow. But, we know what she means)
5. grapes (she is closer on this one -- but, she still doesn't do it quite right. She uses the same sign that she does for "cracker" -- but, hey! a 50/50 guess is better than a grunt and waving her hand in the direction of the kitchen!)
6. bath (I sort of wish she hadn't learned this word - since she has been asking for baths non-stop... not that she has been getting baths non-stop. Except on vacation - when we let her take 4 - 5 baths a day in the jacuzzi tub in our room. That was a bad precedent, clearly)
7. book
8. bird (sometimes. We screwed up with this word and taught her the wrong sign and then tried to correct it -- now she does both, sometimes signing it correctly, sometimes signing it the way we originally taught her. Oh well)
9. again/more (this is the one she started doing with frequency first - and I list it 9th. Shows how my memory works!) And, she really only does the sign for "again" but it also means "more")
10. help (mostly when she gets stuck on her new scooter and wants a lift off of it!)
11. up (although, she often does it with only one hand -- so it seems a little interchangable with "help")
12. hungry

Those are the words she has down (well, if you aren't too picky about how clearly she actually signs -- we know what she means!) -- she also sometimes does "berry", "thank you", "juice" and "peas" (her new favorite food -- she ate THREE bowls of peas in one sitting while we were at the beach, and two for lunch today. Crazy kid). That's a lot of words to learn in just one week (we had only been working on milk, water and more previously -- because she wasn't really very interested in the signing. But, once she took to it this week, we taught her a bunch of other words -- and now she's picking them up left and right) -- and a lot of proving me wrong!!

What else can I say she isn't doing just to get her to do it? ha ha -- just kidding. Obviously, I am kidding about her dogged determination to do things just to prove me wrong! I have no idea why she suddenly busted out with 12 signs this week, but it very cool to be communicating with her on this more advanced level (12 words - so advanced!) The last two nights, she has signed the bedtime routine for us. At about 7:30 (earlier tonight - she was tired) she signs "bath". Once we're done with that, we put her PJs on and she starts signing "milk" (which she gets after she brushes her teeth - I know, wrong order. Whatever.) Then, when she has milk in hand, she drops the bottle to sign "book". Pretty cute.

Here she is signing some of her new words (I couldn't remember half the words she knows when I took this video!):

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JenG said...

So mom says I should check out this video with the signs and I said I hadn't been checking blogs, so I will look... and of course I have to let Teagan watch because he loves Kai videos... and he then proceeds to correct her or at least do his version of each sign as he hears you prompt her. Kinda funny. And yes, after one viewing, he had to say "MORE" with an adamant sign as well... glad you do such a good job entertaining my kid with your kid :)