Monday, August 3, 2009

hugging and reading and hugging while reading

Kailey has a sudden love of books. Obsession, really. She picks books off her bookshelf and then begins nearly hyperventilating as she walks over to us, hand outstretched... like she's been wandering around a desert for a week without water. Must. read. now! Then, when she reaches us, she tosses the book to us and proceeds to crawl into our lap, settling herself in for a story. It's adorable - particularly because, until now, it was hard to get Kailey to stop moving long enough to change her diaper, much less cuddle with her for a moment. But, it doesn't last long. As soon as we open the book to being story time, she starts madly flipping from page to page, "read FASTER". Or, really, it seems she is just looking for a particular page -- the one with the ball, or cat, or dog, or duck, or flap, or button... you get the idea. She seems to have her books memorized (I know I do! "in the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon and there were three little bears sitting on chairs..." Seriously, I've had Kai's books playing over and over in my head. "hey big guys. Open your eyes. What do you say? It's a brand new day." Makes a person go batty, I tell you). Where was I? Oh, yes, the "reading" aka mad flipping through the books. The cat book is all about the page with the squeaky ball, and the mouse at the end of the book. She likes to tear through the book, reading it as quickly as possible. But, then, when we get to the end, she protests and flips it over so that you can start again. Ummm... why don't we just read it at a normal pace instead of speed reading the same thing 10 times in a row?

But, still, she seems to be developing a thing for books, which is very cute. And, it is fun to read to her. I am obsessed with getting new books, though, to stop the loop in my head of her current favorite selections. I need to hide Goodnight Moon. That book is like a bad 80s tune that just won't stop.

Kai's favorite books are ones with animals, of course -- maybe because she can combine reading with her other new favorite activity... hugging. Kailey loves to hug things. Animals and other children are on the top of her list of huggable things, and that includes animals in books. Every time we get to a picture of a cat, dog, duck, bunny in one of her books, she leans in to hug it. It's really cute and very funny. And, the animals in the books don't mind. This is as opposed to the actual animals that we share our living space with. Kailey likes to chase them around, trying to corner them for a hug. They don't like hugs. I mean, her hugs are not ouchy... she just leans her head in until it touches whatever object she is trying to hug. But, the animals find it a little freaky and try to avoid her at all costs. The children on the playground also seem to think it a bit forward. A little girl came up to Kai at the park yesterday and said, "hi". Next thing she knew, Kailey was leaning into her, arms outstretched. She didn't exactly hug back, but she didn't run away either. So, success!

Anyway, as soon as I get a new camera (Wednesday!) I will post pictures of all the hugging.

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Robin said...

I don't want to scare you Ange...but you will remember parts of Good Night Moon thirty years from now...and you will smile.