Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've been busy enjoying the summer -- what a difference a year makes! Last summer we were mostly housebound. Kailey had been home for about six weeks this time last year, but was still too little to go most places (or even fit in any carriers or strollers... I think we were closing in on about 8 pounds!!) so we were at home, watching a lot of movies, doing a lot of cuddling, and finishing up the kitchen (royal "we"). This year we can't be outside enough and there is very little sitting in our lives anymore. Kailey LOVES being outdoors and must be moving at all times. We have been spending a lot of time at pools and playgrounds -- anything to try to wear her out!

She especially loves to be at the pool. She taught herself how to blow bubbles in the water - which totally freaks me out. She just sticks her face into the water and blows -- and most of the time, manages to avoid inhaling any water. It's very impressive, but I wish she wouldn't do it. I feel like faces belong out of water, but maybe that's just because I personally abhor having my face in water. Eric, on the other hand, is a water lover, so maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And, we did name her after the ocean. She certainly is living up to the name! I've never met a baby who loves the water as much as she does. She splashes, bounces around, sticks her face in the water, dunks herself.... and never cries. Even when she swallows a big mouthful. She loves everything about it. It's fun to watch her, even if it does nearly give me a heart attack every time I watch her try some stunt that no 14 month old baby should attempt in water. Dare devil!

Besides swimming, we've been spending a lot of time just walking around outside. Kailey never really stops moving. She likes to be on the go. She walks from toy to toy, from forbidden object to forbidden object... I think she likes to try to figure out how to get into the most trouble in the shortest amount of time. For example, we were in Oregon for the 4th of July. My parents house is full of things that are off limits to babies -- ladders that allow one to climb to the top of the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, outlets without covers (they were covered by the end of the weekend), dog food bowls, plants... and Kailey would toddle to the bookshelf and climb the ladder (until someone pulled her down or spotted her so that she could go all the way up), investigate the outlets, pick at the plants... but she did it all in-between approved activities. She's wily. She'd grab a ball or a block and wander around talking to it, as if to say, "don't mind me... I am just playing with this 100% kid-approved toy" and then, hmmm.... what's this neat little outlet? or What's this... a ladder? Why.. don't mind if I do...

She doesn't give you much down time, which is why I keep thinking about last year. Down time was all we had, and it was fun. But, this is more fun. She is such an explorer. I love her adventurous spirit and her desire to figure things out. But, it can be exhausting. This last week Doug told me that when Evvy and Penny were Kai's age, he had a 5 minute rule with them. But, he said, there's no such rule with Kailey because she'd be halfway up whatever she could find (bookshelf, stairs, couch) the moment you turned your back on her. And, it's true. She is busy. And we're busy trying to keep up with her. No lazy days of summer for us! It feels good.

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Brittney said...

haven is the same way - into EVERYTHING! most of our friends never had to really childproof their homes (i.e. locks on cabinets/toilets/doors), but i often come home to find that she has emptied the tupperware drawer all over the house.