Saturday, July 18, 2009


Kai could climb before she could walk. I don't mean she could slither up a slope. She could climb. She has always been more interested in vertical pursuits, and her ability to walk has only fueled her desire to go higher. This child climbs. Nothing is off limits. Kai will throw her leg up onto the wall to see if there's a hold that she missed upon first examination. This is how she scaled the coffee table this evening. The table is only a few inches shorter than she is -- so she couldn't just throw her leg up onto the table (almost, but not quite) But, she didn't let that stop her from trying and in her attempt, she managed to snag the window sill. Yes, the window sill -- which is about an inch thick. She got a toe hold and, the next thing I knew, she was on the table -- quite pleased with herself, too.

This all went down right after I walked into her room - where I had deposited her moments earlier so that I could wash my hands -- and saw her about to make her great escape from the crib. I have no idea how she hooked her leg over the crib rail -- but, somehow she had done it and she was ready to throw the rest of her weight over the rail until I yelled, "KAILEY, NO!!" She is not usually deterred by the word "no." She thinks it's funny. As in, "don't be ridiculous... there is no way I can hurt myself by yanking this cord out of this outlet. Calm DOWN, people." But, this time, I must have struck the right tone because she crumpled into a ball and started crying. Either that or she realized she was about to plunge herself to her death and she experienced fear for the first time EVER.

I know I birthed this child, but I swear she didn't come from me. I am not interested in heights. Or climbing. Or throwing myself around. Or being tossed in the air (work with me here -- assuming I was tossable. I know, I'm not). I like to be firmly planted on the ground at all times.

Kailey would like to move as quickly as possible at whatever heights are possible and then plunge towards the earth only to be caught at the last moment. She's insane. That, and she'd like to take everything apart and see how it works. And no, I don't mean toys. I mean things that adults use because, you know, she doesn't really consider herself a baby.

I've been solo parenting the last couple of weekends while Eric builds the decks and I feel like I am constantly throwing myself between Kailey and a trip to the ER. I try to keep a full itinerary in the hopes of completely wearing her out, but, that's another thing she doesn't do easily. She's like the energizer bunny. Even when she goes to sleep at night, she fights so hard to stay awake despite her obvious exhaustion. Her eyes will be heavy as she finishes her bottle but she'll pull out of it by kicking herself over and saying "hi" "hi". You can see her fighting it. As soon as she starts to drift off she'll yank her head up and babble something. All the while I'm singing, "sleep, sleep, sleep sleepyhead" and thinking "oh. my. god. PLEASE go to SLEEP NOW. No, don't pinch me. SLEEP." And then she jerks awake saying, "HI!!!" When she finally drifts off, it's with one eye open (which she has done since her NICU days). She really hates missing out.

Tomorrow is another day. We're going to check out Children's Fairy Land. I'm hoping there's a climbing wall or something.


Brittney said...

we've got to get our girls together! haven is a total daredevil too (and i am NOT)!

Angie said...

we should -- maybe they'd wear each other out! or just get in a ton of trouble together ;)

Kathryn J said...

Love the one eye thing - and it is a sign of some Schwartz in her, that was always Grandma's sleeping stance...